Monday, December 13, 2010


So in my spare time recently I was working on a 25 second animation for a competition  to win a copy of
Toon Boom Animate Pro. Which is great animation software but really expensive and I can't afford it(unfortunatly). The competition is for a new website called Myouterspace , a social network for fans if Sci Fi to get together and come up with new ideas, concepts etc. 

They provided a few voice clips of William Shatner to animate to so I figured, why not? The key was that you had to use a Personal learning edition of the software. So I'm animating away and the software just randomly starts to crash on me, I tried a myriad of ways to get it sorted, and after much frustration just forgot about it. 

A few days later I just tried to download it again and like magic, it starts to work, so with little time left I knocked out the majority of the work in the last few days leading up to the deadline. I can see a lot of areas where it could be better, and the concept is not totally original, but I am happy to have finished something, and a bonus that my animation made it into the final 12. The winner gets the opportunity to work on a series with Myouterspace, and the top 2 get a scholarship to an online course at the  Academy of Art University. Plus the top 10 win a Copy of Animate Pro, so even if I can make top 10 I win! That's pretty Awesome.

The voting closes on December 22nd and you can vote once per day here. My entry is traveling okay at the moment so fingers crossed and will update how things go.


Chris Kennett said...

Best animation and character design by far!! Hope you win mate

Daniel said...

Great job on the clip! Love your new blog layout too.

cleggy said...

Cheers guys! Fingers crossed it does okay.

kaboart said...

You got my vote. Congratz!

cleggy said...

Cheers kaboart!