Sunday, November 6, 2011

Batman Sunday

Well I've finally gotten down to posting again, I am getting married in a few weeks time and the preceding months have been quite insane.  My friend Timothy Merks  is now contributing over at the  Fruitless Pursuits Blog, if you haven't been over there I thoroughly recommend you check it out. The other week at Fruitless Pursuits was declared batman week. I was wanting to get this done in time for Batman week but unfortunately with work and other stuff could not get it finished so I figured, Batman Sunday.

A small anecdote to go with this one, I remember when I was in about grade 6, I used to bring in this Robin action figure and batmobile to school and play with this other kid at lunch. I think that most of the other kids in our year had moved onto basketball (Jordan was huge at the time) by then, so you can imagine how super cool we were. So it was the end of the school day and lo and behold, I could not find my Robin figurine.

 I had just gotten the toy, and was actually more worried about getting in trouble with my mum, because she had warned me of the dangers of bringing toys to school, and there was no way in hell that I was going to come home empty handed. So I tell the teacher about the situation, and he proceeds to make an announcement to the class that I had lost my Robin doll (I was mortified at this point) and that no one would be leaving class until it was found.

It turned out it was in the tray under my desk, it had been wedged in a weird spot. Suffice to say it did not bode well in the short term for my popularity.

I'll leave with this

I'm also trying to get a submission into loopdeloop this month, can you figure out the theme? They are teaming up with  World AIDS Day and the theme is Condoms. It is yet to be seen whether I will get it done but I will try my darnedest.

Hope everybody is having a nice Sunday.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Playing with colour

Been a while I know. It has been an extremely busy year. I made a lot of plans which essentially have been blown out of the water (not in a bad way), but that's how it works I guess. I am certainly going to try and get more work up on the old blog though. Hope everyone's having a a good week.

Friday, March 11, 2011


The theme for the Art Jumble blog this week is Charlie Sheen and I couldn't resist. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Late night sketch

                                    Not sure why but that's what I came up with late at night.

Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year

Well here we are 2011 all set to go. I have set myself a few goals this year. First goal is to finish two films, one very short piece following up with a meatier piece. Second goal is to try and get something into the 11 second club at least a few times this year to improve my animation, and I'm going to lump life drawing classes in here as well. The third goal is going be trying to fit some study amongst all this madness. Oh yeah and I'm getting married in Perth later this year also.

I know what your saying "Christien aren't you setting yourself too many things here?" Well yes I am, the way I see it is that if I can even tick off a few things on this list it will be a result. I finally am back working on Monday (not animation but something different) so we'll see how it goes once I am back into a full working routine.

So anyhow, I got onto this artist Kaz via Cartoon Brew and really like his stuff. So I decided to grab one of his characters and have a go at that style and skew it a bit towards mine. I like the outcome, not bad for a first try but I'm going keep at it and play around with the style and see where it goes.