Tuesday, April 17, 2012

sousy loop

So I was working on submitting a loop for this monthly animation site loopdeloop. Every month they send out a theme (this month is rock) and people from all over submit all kinds of crazy loops, it's pretty great. I had been working on a loop (the theme was liquid), I was cramming to get it in by the deadline, but just as I was almost there Toonboom, which I was animating in crashed and the scene I was working in bugged out.

So after a bit of to and fro with tech support we got to the bottom of it and here we are. The bulk of the work was done over two days in a mad dash to get it completed. I have to thank Timothy Merks for pointing me in the right direction with the old timey film grain.

The idea just popped into my head really, I would have liked to have given myself more time but what are you gonna do hey.

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